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Shade Your Outdoor Space With This DIY Retractable Canopy
A dynamic, retractable canopy allows you to adjust your space per your changing needs all year round, and
all you need to build it are
PVC pipes, sailcloth, and
wooden support.
Sew the sailcloth into panels so it can slide over the PVCs. Then, drill holes along the PVC pipes so hooks can be put and hung along cables on wooden beams, like a clothesline.
Since they're hung this way, the PVC rods can all be pushed to one side or pulled out for maximum coverage. Attach the canopy's frame
to a solid structure like a
patio or pergola.
However, you can also drive the canopy frame straight into the ground and secure it with concrete — just make sure you get wooden planks that are slightly longer to compensate.
A sailcloth is good canopy material, as it doesn't put a strain on the construction and is durable enough to hold up to outdoor conditions while protecting from the sun.
This DIY method is highly customizable, as you can spray-paint the pipes, paint or stain the wood, and choose from a pallet of colors with paint and sailcloth fabric options.