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Shopping For Bed Sheets? Stay Away From These Common Colors
Colors can affect us in ways we don't even realize, so when it comes to your bedroom, avoid these colors to create a calm, relaxing space where you can sleep peacefully.
According to Color Meanings, red can make you feel bold, energetic, passionate, envious, sad, or angry, which could keep you awake at night if it's in your bedroom.
To create a tranquil state that promotes sleep, save red for accents, and opt for green or yellow linens instead. Red sheets also attract bed bugs, since they blend in easily.
Colors Explained claims purple is related to creativity, mystery, spirituality, and exploring your inner self, which encourages thought instead of being conducive to sleep.
Casper says purple sheets stimulate weird dreams or nightmares. They can keep you awake and make you sad or frustrated, so choose lavender for calmer emotions.
White can attract too much attention in a room or look too bland. According to Sensational Color, white can make your bedroom feel cold, impersonal, or sterile.
NewsBeezer claims that white bed sheets can affect your melatonin levels and disrupt your sleeping schedule as they trick your brain into thinking it's daytime at night.