Green and red tomatoes on a vine
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Should You Be Harvesting Tomatoes While They're Still Green?
While gardeners usually pick tomatoes once they’re red, picking slightly green tomatoes can still result in juicy and delicious fruits, and even boasts a few unexpected benefits.
Even if plucked, green tomatoes will continue ripening into deep red ones due to the ethylene hormone. So, they can ripen in the kitchen away from pesky pests and harmful weather.
Tomatoes often develop cracks and splits as they ripen on the vine due to an imbalance in water distribution. Ripening them on the counter also avoids this issue.
Harvesting those tomatoes before peak ripeness will also help keep your garden thriving, as it encourages your plant to produce new blossoms throughout the season.
A fully mature tomato is also a feasting ground for unwanted insects and pests. However, harvesting tomatoes at the color break stage can significantly minimize the risk.
Tomatoes can be affected by sun damage during the ripening process as well. Harvesting them earlier rather than later can also help minimize their exposure.