A wasp nest on a roof of a house.
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Should You Remove A Wasp Nest In The Morning Or At Night?
If you're planning to eliminate the threat of a wasp nest, you should time your approach with the rising and falling of the sun. This is due to the colony’s work schedule.
Wasps are like us after a long day of work: they want to come home and relax. While some inside the hive may continue performing internal upkeep, the majority are kicking back.
This is when their sleep cycle occurs, and it's why attacking and removing the nest in the evening or early morning hours is ideal.
Destroying the nest while they're out during the day won’t work. You want to eliminate the colony while the majority of them are in the nest.
Wasps build new nests every year, so tearing down their current residence while they are not in,
will just hurry up their construction on a new one.
The wasps will certainly stir awake when the bug spray, smoke, or water comes rushing inside, but their movements will be slowed, giving you more time to get out of harm's way.