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Should You Replace Or Repair That Appliance?
As a homeowner, you want to make the most of your appliances, but when is the right time to save or get rid of them? Cleaning, maintaining, and caring for these items can expand their lifespan, but sometimes faulty or damaged appliances might be better off replaced or repaired.
Repairing is great when your home appliance is still covered by warranty and you can continue with the product you know and love instead of learning how to work a new one. Fixing these items can also help control your amount of e-waste (electronic waste), which is not biodegradable and can expose the planet to contaminants like lead and mercury.
Replacing your appliance also comes with numerous benefits if you are constantly looking to stay up to date with smart technology while receiving a new warranty and avoiding continuous repair costs. Newer technology usually consumes less energy than older models, so you could also be helping out the environment more by buying a whole new appliance.