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Should You Run Water When Using Your Garbage Disposal?
A garbage disposal is a great tool until it gets jammed; to extend its life, always run cold water before the food material is added, and continue to run it for several seconds after turning the disposal off. Even though it can cause fats to liquefy, avoid using hot water as the fats will harden again on your blades, clogging your disposal.
Coffee grounds, bones, starchy foods, potato skins, shellfish, eggshells, and nuts should never go through the garbage disposal, and make sure you only dispose of small amounts of food at a time. Never add scraps without turning the water on, and use a drain covering or strain to keep unwanted items from falling into the disposal.
Garbage disposals need to be run often in order to remain free of rust, and to remove odors and disinfect the unit, add in small pieces of lemon rind or vinegar. If blockages occur, turn it off and unplug it before using tongs or pliers to unlodge any debris, then restart it by pressing the reset button on the housing unit of the sink.