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Simple Tips For Replacing Your Toilet
Fill Valve
While most toilet problems should be handled by a professional plumber, replacing your toilet fill valve is a task that you can complete all by yourself in just a few simple steps.
If your toilet tank is slow to refill and sounds as if it's constantly running, your problem likely relates to the toilet fill valve. To fix it, first shut off the water supply.
Then, flush the toilet until most of the water is gone from the tank before using a towel to wipe up the rest. The fill valve will be the vertical post with a float attached to it.
Use a wrench to remove the nut on the outside of the tank, then take out the loosened post. The nut can get stuck, so enlist the help of a friend or WD-40 if you’re having trouble.
Buy a replacement part based on your toilet’s model number or the measurements of your current valve, then simply insert the new part into the opening on the inside of your tank.
Tighten the fill valve’s mounting nut and the water supply locknut before reopening the water supply. If you see any leaks, turn the water off and try reattaching the valve again.