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Simple Tips To Help You Avoid Sanding While Painting Cabinets
Painting your own cabinets can save you a ton of money, but if you don’t like the idea of dusty, dirty prep work, there’s an easier way: deglosser, also known as liquid sandpaper.
Deglosser is a liquid chemical solution that slightly dissolves the glossy surface of paint or polyurethane, leaving a dull, tacky finish that’s perfect for adhering to new paint.
This method requires prep work, so first thoroughly clean your cabinets and then apply the deglosser. The process requires good ventilation due to the chemicals’ strong fumes.
Some brands advise painting within one hour of deglossing, so degloss and paint your cabinets in batches. Other brands may also suggest wiping off excess deglosser before painting.
Once it has been evenly applied, allowed to dry, and wiped, you can prime and paint the cabinets. However, deglosser does not remove imperfections the way sandpaper would.
Since deglosser turns the glossy finish into a tacky surface for painting, the brush or roller may drag against the surface of the cabinets, but this is not a cause for concern.
For stained wood cabinets, apply a stain-blocking primer after deglossing to prevent the stain from bleeding into the paint. After stain-blocking, apply a good-quality paint.