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Simple Upgrades To Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious
Upgrade Your Lighting Fixtures
Try tactical lighting with led bulbs that highlight art pieces, or opt for pendant lighting, which has a bulb hanging from the ceiling that you can replace with an art decor bulb.
You can also find a fixture that blends in with the colors in your space for a more quietly luxurious feel. In the bedroom, invest in reading lights made of brass or copper.
Create Luxury Through Scent
Scented candles are a great indicator of luxury, but they’re a little high in cost. Here’s how you can turn a scented candle into a worthy investment by ensuring it
lasts a while.
Freeze your candle before use so that the wax will harden and allow for a slower burn. Another way to ensure your candles last longer is by trimming the wick after each use.
Trade Your Cotton For Silk
Silk sheets create an opulent look in a bedroom, and putting silk covers on sofas turns them into luxury seats. If you’re touching-up walls, use silk paint for a reflective sheen.
Silk lampshades are also reminiscent of old money luxury. When considering what kind of silk lampshade to get, you can choose from three types: Empire, Square, or Drum.
Get Rid Of The Clutter
An organized space screams luxe living, so turn your space from drab to fab by removing the clutter. For example, get a shower caddy with room for all the products in the bathroom.
Minimize objects on flat surfaces, like tables, countertops, and mantels. If your space has too many textures and patterns—wallpapers, tiles, or rugs—consider a quieter style.
Create The Illusion Of Higher Ceilings
Make your home look luxuriously spacious by hinting at higher ceilings with ingenious yet easy decor hacks. One simple way to do this is using patterns that lead the eye upwards.
Another way to compel the eye to look upwards is through the drapery. Place the curtain rods at the highest point, as close to the ceiling as you can, so your curtains look longer.