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Simple Ways To Improve Your Front Door's Security
A Solid-Core Door
When thinking about front door security, opt for a solid core or metal door, as they provide better resistance against forced entry than hollow doors.
Solid core and metal front doors also provide better sound insulation, ensuring privacy and preventing outsiders from overhearing conversations or detecting activity in your home.
Add A Security Camera
A home security camera allows you to see if someone is at your front porch when you're home alone and ensures no one takes your packages when you're gone.
If your home security camera is visible, it can also deter crime. Look for high-resolution video quality, wide-angle coverage, night vision, and motion detection capabilities.
Reinforce The Door
By reinforcing your front door frame, you significantly enhance its physical strength, resistance to kick-ins, and ability to withstand forced entry attempts.
To fortify the hinges on your front door, remove one or more screws and replace them with longer, sturdier screws that anchor into the underlying structure.
Upgrade The Locks
Replace the locks when you move into a new home to make sure that any previous owners or tenants won't have a working key to your place.
Even if you've been living somewhere for a while, reassess your front door's locks to remain protected from common break-in methods, such as lock picking, drilling, or bumping.
Strike Plate And Latch
A heavy-duty strike plate with longer screws anchoring deep into the door frame can create a strong fortification to resist forced entry attempts.
Installing a strong latch guard on your front door makes it challenging for intruders to manipulate the door's latch and prevent unwanted entry through tampering or picking.