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Simple Yet Effective Ways To Help Save Your Dying Lawn
Add Nutrients
Epsom salts can work as a lawn fertilizer, giving your lawn a boost of magnesium and sulfur to improve its soil quality and give the grass an even bright green color.
Control Moles
Repel moles by removing insects they feed on, using ultrasonic repellents and non-toxic sprays, adding a row of rocks they can't cross, and adding plants they dislike.
Eliminate Grubs
Choose the appropriate insecticide, depending upon the time of the year and what stage of life the grubs are at, or contact your local extension service for advice.
Add Compost
Topdress your lawn by evenly spreading compost, using organic material to improve soil health. Then gently rake
it out so the compost starts
to mix with the soil.
Water Less
Water your grass less frequently but with a higher volume of water each time, allowing the grass a long, deep drink so that enough water seeps down to the roots.