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Single- Vs. Double-Handle Faucets: Which Is Better For Your Home?
Pros Of Single
Single-handle faucets are convenient when your hands are full or dirty, and they are particularly beneficial for small children or senior citizens. These faucets are also ideal for small, tight spaces, providing a modern vibe while complementing interior aesthetics.
Cons Of Single
The biggest shortcoming of single-handle faucets is that you'll have to completely shut off the water and wait for a plumber in the event of a leak. It's also difficult to completely control the temperature as you have to find that sweet spot where the water is neither hot nor cold.
Pros Of Double
With two separate handles for hot and cold water, double-handle faucets provide more precise temperature control, and in the event of a leak, you can shut the problematic side off and continue using the other. These faucets are also more aesthetic and easier to take out if you want a single faucet.
Cons Of Double
The biggest disadvantage of these faucets is that they are very difficult to install, requiring a lot of drilling and time to complete the project. With more hardware, it's harder to pinpoint the exact origin of problems that can occur and cleaning can be much more difficult.
Which Way Is It?
A single-handle faucet is ideal for a minimalistic interior while the double-handle option is perfect for the modern appeal owing to balanced and streamlined construction. If you are the frugal type, the single-handle faucet is ideal because the installation is simpler and will cost you less in labor.