Male hand holding a paint roller that's applying white paint to an orange wall
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Skip A Flat White Paint Color And Opt For This Trendy Shade Instead
Aesthetic White Paint by Sherwin-Williams has become the white du jour: On TikTok, videos about the paint shade have reached over 900 million views.
Aesthetic White is a cool shade that Sherwin-Williams describes as having a "subtle violet undertone." It's darker than traditional white but still has a light, airy feeling.
At first glance, Aesthetic White can seem like a warm beige. However, when compared with a true warm white, Aesthetic White has a distinctly cool-neutral undertone.
A cool white doesn't overwhelm but rather opens up and refreshes a space. Aesthetic White also has the perk of having a lower light-reflecting value for a white shade.
For interior usage, Aesthetic White looks beautiful when paired with a brighter white trim or wainscoting. The contrast will make the room feel crisp and polished.
You can buy Aesthetic White directly from Sherwin-Williams or at Lowe's. At the time of writing, a gallon of HGTV Home in Aesthetic White with a flat finish costs $59.98 at Lowe's.