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Small Entryway Storage Is A Breeze With This IKEA Brimnes Hack
Having storage compartments in the entryway helps keep your home organized, and if you're dealing with a tight space, an IKEA Brimnes bookcase for $129 can be a great solution.
In a YouTube video, The DIY Mommy shows you how to assemble a Brimnes bookcase in a snug corner of an entryway and create an additional storage compartment on the top.
Like The DIY Mommy, you can add a trim from top to bottom to turn it into a cohesive floor-to-ceiling unit. Attach doors to the bookcase and place stylish baskets in the top area.
If the Brimnes' width is less than your entryway, put a slim floor lamp or a plant in the leftover space. You can also add shelves to the bookcase if you need more space.
You can also leave the bookcase open without adding any doors to make stored items more accessible and to avoid the loss of space that happens when you open the doors.