A front-view waist-up portrait shot of a woman in a yoga class, she is standing, smiling, and looking at the camera while holding an exercise mat.
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Smart Ways
To Use Unwanted Yoga Mats Around The House
1. Make A Gardening Knee Pad
Kneeling while gardening can strain your knees and ankles, but you can avoid the strain by rolling out an old yoga mat and repurposing it into a DIY gardening knee pad.
To make it extra thick and comfortable, double the mat over and glue the two halves together for a thicker base. Cut the mat to a size that that’s comfortable for you.
2. Make A Shoe Mat For Your Entryway
Cutting an old yoga mat down and transforming it into a shoe mat will help keep everything more organized by providing a dedicated spot for sandals, tennis shoes, and boots.
Additionally, your DIY shoe mat will collect dirt and other debris that is brought inside on the soles of your shoes, keeping you from tracking it around the rest of your home.
3. Save In-Progress Puzzles
To turn your old yoga mat into a puzzle mat, cut it down a little so that it’s a few inches longer and wider than your puzzle, but short enough to comfortably fit on your table.
Before you start the puzzle, roll the cut yoga mat out and put the puzzle together as usual on top of the mat. When done, carefully roll the mat up and secure it with a band.
4. Make A Mat To Protect Your Floors From Pet Food And Water
If your pets make a mess when they eat, cut your old yoga mat into a large rectangle and place it under their food and water bowls for a simple, inexpensive, attractive solution.
Any kibble that your dog or cat spills will stay contained on the mat, and if water spills, it won't just sit on your floors, threatening to damage them if left unnoticed.
5. Make A Message Board
The rubbery texture of a yoga mat is soft and flexible enough for push pins to easily slide in and out, and it’s firm enough not to tear, making it perfect for a message board.
To start, take a picture frame, and remove the backing and glass covering. Trace and cut your yoga mat to fit before putting the mat in the frame and reattaching the back.