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Solutions To All Of Your Line-Drying Problems
Line-drying your clothes has become a thing of the past due to washing machines and dryers, but it can still offer many benefits for your clothes and the environment. If you are hesitant to dry your clothes outside because of concerns about what will happen to your clothes, here are some solutions to common problems found when line-drying.
Electric dryers offer a quick way to dry your clothes, but eventually they start to wear down your fabric from intense heat and stretching. Outdoor drying keeps your clothes in one position until they are dry, reducing wrinkles and shrinkage, while Ultraviolet (UV) rays help to remove stains and brighten whites.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a clothesline; they are simple to install, and you can easily customize it to your space using clothesline pulleys, a long rope, screws, and hooks. Drying racks or portable clotheslines are also great options for travelers or those who don’t have the space or permission to install a full clothesline.
If you suffer from allergies, make sure to check the pollen index to see if it’s safe to hang your clothes outside, and if you experience symptoms, try using drying racks indoors, and wash your clothes again with very hot water or twice with cold water. Even line-drying for half the time and then putting your clothes in the dryer can help you feel the benefits of this process.