Person holding a jar of coconut oil
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Solve Common Problems Around The House With These Coconut Oil Hacks
Repel Insects
You can safely repel insects by diluting a few drops of ylang-ylang or lemongrass essential oil in melted coconut oil, then applying it to your skin in a spray bottle.
Restore Wood
If your cutting boards are looking a bit dry or lackluster, try rubbing in a bit of coconut oil to rehydrate and season the wood. Fractionated coconut oil works best.
Remove Stickers
Price tags and other stickers often leave behind residue, but a bit of coconut oil left to sit on a sticker for around 15 minutes can help it peel off more easily.
Clean Leather
Leather can quickly deteriorate if it's not properly cared for, and you can use coconut oil to condition your leather pieces and maintain their moisture and sheen.
Season Cast Iron
You can use coconut oil to season cast iron and prevent damage. Apply a thin layer of coconut oil to your pan and place it in the oven at 325 degrees for an hour.