Silverfishes on book.
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Solve Your Silverfish Problem With These Handy Kitchen Herbs
Silverfish can damage items like books, photos, and bedding, looking for food sources such as paper, glue, and fabric. They can also leave behind yellow stains and shed their skin.
To deter these pests naturally, dry mint and thyme and place them in silverfish-prone areas. Sachets filled with these dried herbs can also be hung in the affected zones.
Mint and thyme emit potent scents that repel silverfish, and planting them around your house can provide an additional layer of prevention. You can utilize essential oils as well.
Craft a repellent spray by adding mint or thyme essential oil to water. However, be sure to keep these oils away from kids and pets and avoid contact with your skin or eyes.
Exercise caution while spraying, avoiding areas where the oil may damage food or surfaces. In case of a severe silverfish infestation, consult a pest control professional.