A vertical shot of a red door with a brown welcome doormat
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Spice Up The Space Above Your Doorway With These 5 Decor Ideas
Display A Collection
From glassware to memorabilia, create a striking display of your collection above your door frame, bringing joy each time you pass through it.
Simple Home Simple Life Simple Work suggests arranging your collection close together for an impactful display. If it's too large for one space, group them by similar color or size.
Extending your gallery wall to the doorframe is a tried-and-tested classic method that customizes the tone of your space while showcasing your personal art collection.
Gallery Wall
The rectangular shape of the doorway mimics the framed art, creating a cohesive flow. This method is quite effective for small spaces, as recommended by Luci Douglas-Pennant.
You can also paint a visual of a curved doorway. DIY, I'm Home suggests measuring the width of your door from the frame's outer edge and dividing that number in half.
Next, cut a string to that length and trace the shape of the arch by attaching the string to the center of the top of the doorway and following its arc with a pencil.