Grass seeds against a white background
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Spread Grass Seed Easily With This Budget-Friendly Method
Spreading grass seed doesn't have to involve heavy, costly equipment. A simple, budget-friendly method is to use your hands, a technique that is as efficient as it is traditional.
This approach, which could be likened to seasoning a dish, involves scooping up a handful of seeds and using a gentle wrist flick to spread them evenly across the prepared soil.
To ensure a lush, uniform coverage, sow the seeds in one direction, then pivot 90 degrees to apply a second, intersecting layer, akin to cross-hatching in drawing.
This method is ideal for filling in patchy lawn sections, steep slopes, delicate spaces, and urban gardens, offering a precise and gentle touch that nurtures the
land effectively.
If you are considering this technique, the ideal planting time is spring for improved germination. Moreover, marking progress with flags can help you achieve complete coverage.
Preparing the soil with a light rake before and after sowing, and mixing seeds with a carrier like sand or fine compost, can help achieve even spread and successful germination.