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Spruce Up Your Hallway For Less With Jasmine Roth's Easy Decor Trick
Jasmine Roth from HGTV's "Help! I Wrecked My House" has an easy trick to add one-of-a-kind art to the hallway without spending a ton of money: framing fabric.
"This 'art' is vintage Kantha fabric, that I cut and put into IKEA frames," Roth explains on Facebook. "I love getting creative (and keeping it cheap) in high-traffic areas."
This wall art is highly customizable, and the framing is an easy project to take on yourself. All you need is a standard picture frame, ¼-inch plywood, and a heavy-duty stapler.
Place the fabric with the printed side down and the plywood board on top. Wrap the leftover edges of fabric to the back of the board, pull them taut, and secure them with a staple.
Finally, place the fabric-wrapped plywood into the frame, and use the prongs to keep the board in place. You can either leave the glass in the frame or remove it.