Living room with modern interior and gray fabric curtains.
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Spruce Up Your Hallway With This Clever Ikea Curtain Rod Hack
A TikTok hack from @nestbyjess shows how to add a creative touch to your hallway using curtains and a pole rod from Ikea. It’s a great option if you're decorating on a budget.
First, you'll need some curtains of your choice and some Ikea Räcka curtain rods. The hack itself uses Dupioni silk curtains, but you can choose whatever best suits your style.
Next, measure from where you want the curtains to begin and to end. You need to attach a single rod at a time inside each other and secure them on the wall so they stay in place.
You should add the curtains as you go. Now, you should be left with what looks like one long curtain, and your space should have a more glamorous feel to it.
The reason this hack is possible is because of the Räcka rods, which can be easily connected together. Achieving the same look using regular rods would be incredibly difficult.