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Spruce Up Your Kitchen Backsplash With Christina Hall's Design Trick
When working with clients that prefer a glamorous style in Season 3, Episode 6 of HGTV's "Christina on the Coast," Christina Hall turned the kitchen backsplash into an "art wall."
She chose a skinny vertical tile pattern with white and silver reflective pieces. The stripes directed the eyes toward the ceiling, giving the illusion that the kitchen was taller.
These tile choices were much cheaper than other options, and the homeowners also saved money by isolating the backsplash to one wall, making it more of a
focal point.
To make an art wall in your kitchen, start by choosing the material. While a metallic look would be luxurious, you may want a more natural appearance, perhaps with stone.
Next, decide where you want to install the tiles, isolating them on one wall. If your backsplash is metallic, position the material across from a window or a bright light source.
Then, if you decide to fill in the other walls, choose something neutral that won't distract from the bold art wall, such as subway tile. It's also best to use neutral countertops.