Store clerk holds rosemary
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Start A Thriving Herb Garden With A Simple Item From The Produce Aisle
TikTok user @marfskitchengarden suggests that all you need to start your own thriving herb garden is a packet of rosemary stems from the store, usually priced from $2.50 to $3.00.
Open the packet and take out four or five stalks. Strip all the rosemary leaves from the bottom third of each stem before cutting off half an inch from the end of each stalk.
Toss the stems into a glass of water and let them be, changing the water once a week. By about week three or four, most or all of your rosemary stems will have sprouted roots.
Plant each stalk in its own pot, completely burying the new roots in the soil, and keep them parked in a sunny spot. Use small pots filled with free-draining soil-based mix.