Man inspecting broken lawn mower
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Stop Blowing Money On Lawn Mower Repairs & Adopt These Simple Habits
Your lawn mower has a tough enough job to do without also suffering avoidable damage. There are certain things you need to do to ensure your machine serves you well for years.
Firstly, make sure you keep up with regular mower maintenance, such as replacing dull mower blades and refreshing the fuel and oil that power and lubricate your machine.
An unsharpened mower blade can botch your lawn and put added strain on your machine. Generally, you should sharpen your mower blade after 20 to 25 hours of use.
Make sure you change your mower's oil either once a year or after 50 hours of use. Dirty byproducts getting into the oil can make the mower sluggish and reduce its lifespan.
Empty the gasoline tank every 30 days or run the mower till it’s dry to prevent residue buildup. Air filters, spark plugs, and belts also need to be replaced or serviced routinely.
You can also shorten your mower’s life by overtaxing
it — for example, by mowing wet grass. If you have to mow over wet grass, always wipe down and dry your mower afterward.
Additionally, remove sticks, rocks, or other debris. Steer clear of protruding tree roots, as mowing over these can cause injury and damage the mower's blade or crankshaft.