Colorful teacups on table
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Stop Cluttering Your Cabinets With Teacups & Use Them Like This Instead
Turn a teacup on its side with the handle facing up, glue it to the saucer, and hang it from a tree branch with string. Then, fill the cup with seed for your birds to enjoy.
Make an ornate soy candle in a teacup — they’re already made to withstand high heat, so the risk of cracking is low, and the handle makes it easy to move them around.
Teacups make ideal planters for small succulents. Pot them in individual teacups and display them together in a succulent garden to create low-maintenance living decor.
Find an online tutorial to make a mini hanging planter using macrame cording. Then, fill your teacup with soil, add a small plant, and put the planter in its string cradle.
Candle Holder
Use a teacup as a candle holder — it can catch the wax drips; the handle makes it easy to carry; and you can stabilize the candle by gluing a tiny clay holder inside.