Person hammering nail into wood
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Stop Splitting Wood On Home Improvement Projects With TikTok's Tip
The fibers in heavier woods find it hard to move to make room for screws or nails, resulting in wood splitting. To prevent this, you can simply dip screws or nails into paste wax.
TikTok user Paul Sellers revealed that even woodworkers follow this step to prevent wood from splitting. Start by predrilling a hole not quite as big as the threads of the screw.
Next, dip a screw into paste wax and drive it into the hole using an electric screwdriver. Now, the wood won’t split, even if the hole is close to the end of the piece.
You can also apply the wax to a batch of screws or nails. Simply heat old wax in a wax pot so you can quickly dip all of your screws into the melted wax.