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Stop Your Toilet Seat From Squeaking With This Simple Tip
If your toilet seat is making a jarring squeak, the solution to restoring bathroom tranquility is choosing the right lubricant and ensuring all the bolts
are firmly in place.
Bolts and hinges on toilets can become loose or corroded, causing a squeak when you lift or sit on the seat, but they can be fixed rather than replaced.
Lift the seat up and down to see any noticeable wobbles indicating a loose bolt. Tighten it gently with pliers and see if that alone corrects the problem.
If not, remove the bolt and screw, and observe. If dirty, worn, or corroded, they may need to be replaced with new bolts, washers, and nuts or scrubbed with disinfectant cleaner.
If there is still a creak after cleaning and tightening the bolts, lubricants reduce friction between moving parts, provide smooth motion, and reduce wear and tear.
Apply a modest amount of a silicone-based lubricant like WD-40 directly to each hinge. A cloth is helpful, as you'll want to wipe away any surplus promptly.
Lift and lower the toilet
seat multiple times to help distribute the lubricant uniformly across the hinge components. Add a bit more if there's still a hint of squeak.