Jeans hanging on hooks in a closet
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Store Your Jeans Using This Brilliant Shower Hook Hack
TikTok user Kylie Nelson (@kylie_nelson1) shared a video showing how she organized her closet. She hung her jeans with shower hooks, allowing them to neatly stay side by side.
Hanging your jeans this way allows your floors and drawers to stay uncluttered. In her video, Nelson explained that she bought a 12-pack of plastic hooks from Target for $5.00.
Nelson folded her pant vertically, looped the bottom part of the hook through the two belt loops on the front of the jeans, and hung them on the closet's rod.
Not only will hanging your jeans with shower hooks save you space, but it will also allow you to see each pair in full so you can better decide which pair you want to wear.
Denim reforms its shape after being washed, so your jean’s belt loops shouldn’t stretch out. If you notice a slow stretch, only hang your most lightweight jeans on the hooks.