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Storing Kitchen Plates In Your Utensil Drawer Has Some Major Benefits
You don’t have to store your plates in an upper cabinet just because that’s the norm. Storing them in a utensil drawer makes them more accessible and reduces strain on your body.
By keeping heavy, often-used crockery in a waist-level drawer, you avoid constantly having to reach up and lift it off a high cabinet, which can hurt your shoulders, back, or legs.
Using a lower drawer also helps you avoid dropping and smashing breakable plates and bowls and makes it easier for children or shorter family members to reach these items.
A drawer also gives you more surface area to stack your plates and bowls together than shelves offer, and you can free up additional drawer space by hanging utensils from hooks.
You can use your upper cabinets or open shelves to keep food, seasonings, or sturdier items, like thick mugs or plastic cups that won’t break if they fall.