Close-up of pink peonies
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Stunning Plants That Look Like Peonies But Are Easier To Take Care Of
Dahlias produce 4-inch to 1-foot blooms in a range of colors that last from late summer into fall. They like warm, sunny climates and thrive in loamy, sandy, or clay soils.
Begonias are easy to care for and only need their soil to be kept moist. Different varieties thrive in full sun or shade and bloom from early summer to the first frost.
Begonias can be grown as houseplants or annuals in cool climates, or as perennials in USDA zones 9-11. Like peonies, wax or tuberous types produce double flowers in bright colors.
The common camellia is a low-maintenance, evergreen shrub whose red, white, or pink flowers resemble peonies. They bloom in late fall, winter, and early spring.
Keep their soil moist for the first year, but once established, they’re drought tolerant. They grow best in acidic soil, so plant them in containers if your yard has alkaline soil.
Standard roses, bush roses, and climbing roses are all good options for peony alternatives, with easy-to-grow rambling roses and English roses most similar to peonies.
Roses like well-draining, fertile soil and full sun or partial shade, depending on the variety. Grow these fragrant, versatile plants in containers, along borders, or as hedges.
Preferring well-draining soil and both sun and shade, hydrangeas are low maintenance, especially the Limelight and Incrediball varieties, which thrive in
USDA zones 3-9.