Stylish bathroom design with panels painted in green on the wall. Bathtub, towels, rattan baskets and other personal accessories. Glamour interior concept. Template.
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Stunning Shower Makeovers You Can Tackle Yourself
Before: Out of Style
Before renovations began, this shower bath looked quite dirty, the yellow tiles didn't match the white tub, and overall, it looked outdated. While this owner kept the bathtub as is, the rest of the shower underwent a complete makeover.
After: Fully Upgraded
To achieve this look, the owner had to completely demolish the rest, upgrade the plumbing, install cement boards, tile the walls, and replace the fixtures. The result? A gorgeous shower with unique detail work and a useful niche.
Before: Simple Curtain
In this small mobile home, the shower lacked some pizzazz, as everything was beige, bare, and bland. Further, replacing the shower curtain with something more substantial would definitely make a giant impact on this bathroom.
After: Black-Grid Wall
They were able to instantly transform this bathroom from boring and warm-toned to fantastic and cool-toned. This shower now has new tiles, a large window, built-in shelving, a stool, and — the cherry on top — a beautiful black grid wall.
Before: Old School
This shower is clearly outdated, from the basic tiles to the diamond details — even the curtain looks a bit drab. Additionally, they wanted to turn their shower bath into a shower only, so with a little TLC, they were able to make it into a work of art.
After: Modern Marble
Not only is this combination now only a shower, but it's also unrecognizable. Instead of the old-fashioned yellow and blue tiles, this area is now lined with stunning white and gray marble ones that give it a much cleaner look.