Two Philips AA alkaline batteries
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Substitute Triple-A Batteries For Double-As With One Kitchen Staple
By placing aluminum foil in an electronic device along with a triple-A battery, you can create the perfect substitute for double-A batteries.
These two types of batteries are similar enough to be interchangeable as long as the battery is made to fit, which is where aluminum foil comes into play.
Aluminum foil is a conductor, meaning electricity can pass through it. This means it can bridge the gap left between a triple-A battery and a double-A battery slot.
Take a small piece of foil and ball it up, or fold it small enough to fit inside the device's battery holder.
You can place it on either
the negative terminal or
the positive.
Although this is a fast and safe hack, keep in mind that this is a temporary solution at best. Triple-A batteries cannot keep up with
double-A for too long.