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Sugar Is The
Key To Getting
Rid Of Invasive Nutsedge Before It Spreads
Sugar is usually a good weed killer due to its high carbon content, which depletes the soil's nitrogen and makes it less available for weeds,
like nutsedge, to grow.
Pulling up these plants will not harm their underground structures, which they use to spread. However, using sugar to remove nitrogen from the soil can kill nutsedge gradually.
Since all plants need nitrogen, use sugar in small amounts to prevent it from killing other plants. You should also avoid using it in a garden full of delicate flowers and veggies.
For every 10 square feet of nutsedge, prepare about 4 or 5 pounds of sugar, and try killing them while they're still young, as they're harder to kill the more mature they get.
Wait for a dry day without rain and after the dew has evaporated, so that the water won't dissolve your sugar. Then, spread your sugar evenly across the affected area.
Pour a little water on top so the sugar gets damp but not wet and isn't blown around in the wind. It'll gradually sink into the soil, feeding microbes and depleting the nitrogen.