Post Malone's house in Utah
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Take A Look At This Epic And Luxurious Utah Home Owned By Post Malone
Rapper, singer, and songwriter Post Malone bought a $3 million mansion in Salt Lake City, Utah, a nature-filled oasis with picturesque sunsets, valleys, and mountains.
In the midst of snow-capped mountains, Malone can enjoy the solitude, safety, and serenity of Utah. "I kind of just wanted to get away to where I can have my own oasis," he said.
Indoor Greenery
Inside, standing plants add a pop of color and, according to WebMD, certain plants can lift your mood and keep the air clean. Some can even alleviate allergies.
To have plants in your home, consider the spaces: For a tabletop, opt for circular or long, low centerpieces. If you don’t have much surface space, try a hanging macramé planter.
Fire Pit
In Utah, where winter months can see temperatures of 20 degrees Fahrenheit, Malone’s state-of-the-art fire pit with seats will keep his family and friends cozy outdoors.
If you wish to have a fire pit, keep in mind that fire pits don’t have to be traditional — they can also be a work of art to create a focal point outdoors while keeping you warm.
You can use your den for whichever activity suits you. It could be decorated as a games room or music studio, or it can be styled as a home office, study, or library.
Malone's den has royal-red furniture and wall-to-wall carpets. It may be a games room, as he said, “Being away from the grind […] it's just me with my video games and a cold one."
Malone loves his white Rolls Royce Wraith, which boasts many features, particularly the ability for the car’s ceiling to light up, courtesy of myriad orbs fitted into it.
This adoration for lighting also reflects in Malone’s home. In every room, there are tons of lights — some are tiny orbs and others hang as dome or pendant lamps on the exterior.