A thyme lawn and Scotch moss/creeping jenny makes a grey and chartreuse tapestry in the back yard
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Tapestry Lawns: What Are They And How To Create One At Home
A tapestry lawn is a climate-conscious patchwork of low-growing, colorful plants that can be mowed and walked on and can handle the wear and tear of an actively used yard.
When selecting plant seeds, go as native as possible. Consider which areas receive full sun, are more shaded, or hold the most rain to determine where plants will thrive.
Draw a rough outline of your yard to design the patchwork before you plant it, and mow the grass as short as possible to give the new flowers a chance to sprout and grow.
Sow the seeds by mixing species or creating patterns, and water the lawn only if nature is uncooperative, or your region is experiencing an arid spring.
Tapestry lawns require little fertilizer and watering but must be mowed higher than average, between 3 ½ and 4 inches tall, creating denser coverage and stronger plants.
Cut a third of the height with each mow, which results in less mowing frequency. To maintain a 4-inch tall lawn, wait until it reaches a height of 6 inches before cutting it back.
Don't mow after it rains, leave the clippings where they fall so they add nutrients back into the soil, and switch up the patterns and directions in which you move the lawnmower.