Pool noodles in assorted colors
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The 10 Most Stylish Pool Noodle Hacks For Your Home, According To TikTok
Create boho macrame wall art by threading craft wire through a pool noodle, bending it into a design, wrapping it with macrame rope, and then securing the cords with glue.
Slice a pool noodle lengthwise and cut it into 1-inch pieces. Then, spray paint the pieces and glue them around a basic mirror to give it a stylish three-tiered frame.
DIY a deluxe velvet headboard using just pool noodles, duct tape, a staple gun, velvet fabric, and plywood that’s cut to the width of your bed and shaped into an arch.
Duct tape your noodles to the wood arch, staple the fabric to the plywood using a putty knife to tuck the fabric between the rows, then install the headboard above your bed.
Craft a stunning faux flower arrangement to use as a centerpiece or garland. Replace a floral foam block with a pool noodle, and cover it with leaves, branches, or flowers.
Letter Pillows
Create decorative pillows for a bench or accent chair by shaping pool noodles into letters or numbers, then using glue to cover them with fabric, velvet, or leather.