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The 15 Most Affordable Beach Towns In America
Seal Beach, California
Found just south of Los Angeles, Seal Beach’s median listing home price is $452,000, significantly cheaper than the homes found in other nearby beach towns. Known for its wide sandy beaches and surfing, this little town is for those who dream of living in California on a budget.
New London, Connecticut
New London is a charming, historic city with wonderful modern cuisine, shopping, entertainment, and of course, a beautiful beach. Locals enjoy fishing, kayaking, and relaxing, and the median home cost in this town is actually lower than Connecticut’s average at $215,900.
Long Beach, Washington
Located between Portland and Seattle, Long Beach is a growing beach town that offers an expansive coastline as well as an easy commute to the nearby bustling cities. The average home in this town costs $243,000 which is significantly lower than the state’s average.
Port Arthur, Texas
Port Arthur is easily one of the most affordable beach towns in the United States, with a median property value of $65,800. Known as the cajun capital of Texas, this city takes pride in its ethnic, cultural, and historical diversity with a wide range of dining and entertainment.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Myrtle Beach offers desirable temperatures, stunning beaches, ocean views, and picturesque natural scenery year-round. Live music, outdoor performances, and beachside fun make Myrtle Beach a lively spot to be, and the median home cost is $310,375.