Spilled baby powder and its bottle
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The 15 Most Genius Ways
To Use Baby Powder Around The House
Remove Musty Odors
Closed closets and drawers can quickly become moist and reek. Put baby powder in a container and place it inside the closet to absorb excess moisture.
For drawers, remove everything inside and sprinkle the bottoms with baby powder. Then, cover them with drawer liners to protect the items from getting powder on them.
Groom Pets
Baby powder's lubricating quality can help untangle the fur on your pet. It can also absorb excess oil from their skin if used in moderation.
Sprinkle baby powder onto your hands or a cloth and rub it all over your pet’s coat, avoiding the ears, eyes, and nose. Brush gently until the powder starts loosening the tangles.
Fix Squeaky Floors
Wood floors expand and contract as moisture levels change, and when feet or wheels cause pressure on top, the boards make contact with each other and squeak.
Mark all the squeaky spots and sprinkle some powder into the board edges. Work it well into the seams with a cloth before wiping the residue away, and repeat the process if needed.
Repel Pests
Ants leave pheromone paths wherever they travel, guiding the rest of their colonies to food locations, but the fragrance of baby powder can help disrupt those trails.
Ants don't like how baby powder feels, so try putting some on their paths and entry and exit points. You can also sprinkle it around plant bases to avert aphid infestations.
Clear Carpet Odors
Baby powder can remove odors from carpet caused by wine, pet urine, or other stains. Sprinkle a small amount and work it in with a sturdy brush.
Leave it for a day or two before vacuuming it off. To add a light scent to the whole carpet, sprinkle the powder over the entire area and then vacuum.