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The 3 Best Colors To Pair With Your Yellow Home Décor
The color yellow exudes energy, happiness, and excitement, and so using it for home décor not only brightens your room but your mood, as well. However, when combined with the wrong colors, it can create feelings of frustration and intensity that you don’t want in your home — here are the best colors to combine with yellow.
For a nature-inspired look, a forest green accent wall with sun-washed yellow décor or natural greenery with plush velvet fabrics helps make your room feel cozy and rich with color. Try mint green with a pale or golden yellow for a bathroom or sitting area.
Yellow and gray beautifully balance each other out and create some light within your space. A charcoal gray with a bold yellow can make a statement in any office or living room, or combine a light gray with pale yellow for a kitchen farmhouse or patio vibe.
For a fun, modern, upscale look, pink and yellow are some of the trendiest mixes. Cotton candy pink with electric yellow energizes your office for your workday or creates a vibrant kid’s playroom with a contemporary look that’ll last for many years.