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The 3 Best Gardening Tips You Can Learn From IKEA
You don’t need a huge outdoor space or budget to have a beautiful garden, and sometimes, you can even repurpose items that are lying around the house. Whether you have a small balcony or acres of flowerbeds, IKEA has three easy tips for gardening.
Kokedama Ball
A Japanese kokedama ball allows you to make your own bonsai that can be hung anywhere in your home. Start by combining akadama soil with peat moss and water, then, make a hole and slip in the roots of your plant; pack the ball around them, and wrap your ball in sphagnum sheet moss.
A mini terrarium can be made in any clear glass container, and you can begin by layering rocks at the bottom. Then, add a thick lacker of charcoal, fill up half the container with potting soil, plant your plants, and decorate with moss, ceramic animals, or shells.
To have nutritious microgreens at home, use a food-safe container with a damp cotton cloth for bedding, and then add the seeds of your choice. Sprinkle water on them for two days until they sprout, then uncover the seeds, move them closer to sunlight, and harvest seven to 20 days later.