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The 3 Step Process That Will Clean
Up Your Disastrous Wallpaper
It doesn't matter what type of wallpaper you have, because every type collects dust, air-borne grease particles, and grime, and dingy wallpaper can interfere with the overall design of your home. Just follow these three steps to refresh its original look.
Dusting first is a priority, because washing your wallpaper with water will be quite difficult if you're trying to scrub through a layer of dust that just becomes more prominent as you add more water. When dusting, use a microfiber cloth to prevent any scratching, and attach it to something long to dust off hard-to-reach areas — or alternatively, use a vacuum.
The next step to properly cleaning your wallpaper is to use soap and water. Once you grab a large bucket, fill it with 1 gallon of water and mix in ¼ cup of mild dish soap, and then you're then ready to gently start rubbing your wallpaper in long strokes from the top to the bottom.
When it comes to stain removal, each kind of stain is different, and if there is too much trouble, you want to contact the wallpaper manufacturer. Pencil marks and handprints can come out with a gum eraser, vinyl wallpaper can cleaned with bleach, bathroom wallpaper can be cleaned with a water, bleach, and white vinegar combo, and fiberglass requires simply water and white vinegar.