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The 5 Most Important Questions You Should Ask Your Home Inspector
Home inspectors can answer any questions you have regarding repair work, modernizations, and general maintenance in your future home, so if possible, it’s best to walk through the house with them. This can help you be a more knowledgeable homeowner.
Structural Issues
If you see your inspector taking notes, it's best to ask whether they’ve found a cosmetic or structural problem. Cracks or water spots can be minor cosmetic issues, or they can signal a greater structural problem that awaits the next owner.
Whether you’re the buyer or seller, you'll want to ask the inspector about the roof, as it endures significant weathering over time. Many homes will have minor notes and recommendations to replace your roof in the near future, but it’s essential to talk about its fitting.
Flipper Property
Directly ask your inspector if they think the house is a fix and flip property with subpar renovations. The fixes may not make the report if they meet their standards, but check your local authority’s records to see if there are building permits for the renovations.
Insulation Quality
Many forget about asking about a home’s insulation quality before buying, which can cost you a lot of money in energy usage. It can also lead you to overuse your HVAC system and wear down your parts causing massive repair and maintenance costs.