Nate Berkus attends the Nate and Jeremiah for Living Spaces Upholstery Collection Launch
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The 5 Things Every Small Bedroom Needs, According to Nate Berkus
To make a small bedroom feel tranquil, designer Nate Berkus says to focus on the bed, the bedding, the bedside table, the lighting, and the use of repeated motifs.
Invest in good quality bedding with breathable materials, like cotton and linen, to help you maintain a proper temperature while sleeping.
Berkus explains to Home & Garden that for the bed itself, scale is important. A bed with a smaller frame won’t overwhelm a small room.
For night tables and lights, Berkus suggests branching out by buying vintage or finding unique, custom pieces on Etsy that will make a significant statement.
Don’t forget to incorporate repeated motifs that include the same colors, patterns, and textures to help tie multiple elements together throughout the room.