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The 6 Best Bushes To Plant In Front Of Your House
Rose Bushes
Floribunda rose bushes are the best kind of roses to plant in front of your home as they’re bushy, stiff, and covered in clusters of flowers. This rose bush thrives in rich, fertile, well-drained soil, but keep in mind that they need full sunlight and plenty of moisture.
Azalea Bushes
Depending on where you live, certain azalea species will grow better than others, but all will thrive in partially shady spots with well-drained, organic soil. They need a lot of nutrients, but you should only fertilize your azaleas when they show signs of deficiency.
Boxwood Shrubs
While boxwood shrubs can be pruned into visually pleasing shapes, they can grow up to 15 feet tall. This shrub prefers well-draining soil where it will not be harmed by harsh winds or sun, and it should be watered regularly and fertilized in the late fall or early spring.
Camellia Bushes
For showstopping flowers, evergreen foliage, and pleasant fragrances, camellia bushes look wonderful next to other shrubs in your yard. Camellias flourish in acidic, well-drained, and organically rich soil in shady areas and cannot tolerate full sun or harsh winds.
Hydrangea Bushes
Hydrangea bushes can be used in many ways on your lawn and should be planted in well-draining soil. They require frequent watering to keep their soil moist, especially during summer, and regular fertilization of hydrangeas will allow them to flourish.