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The 6 Most Gorgeous Front Door Designs We've Seen From Hilary Farr
Mixed Style
While upgrading her home's exterior, Hilary Farr opted for a mix of modern and traditional styles to create a contemporary front door to go with a brick exterior.
Her front door's main appeal is the elegant arched shape and iron frame, which gives it an up-to-date appearance. Farr also wanted the door to let in a lot of natural light.
When restoring an authentic mid-century build, Farr chose a black steel door that elevated the exterior and built an entire front porch to make the entrance pop.
With this front door, Farr emphasized the importance of a stylish entrance and gave the home a contemporary touch while still paying homage to its mid-century roots.
Revamped Triplex
Facing a challenging renovation, Farr took a dated, butter-yellow triplex that had three doors leading into three separate apartments and gave it new life.
First, she swapped out two of the doors for a single grand entrance with a porch. Farr also gave the entire exterior a fresh coat of paint, including the front door.