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The Absolute Weirdest Products You Can Buy At Home Depot
Tree Faces
Home Depot offers faces made up of four resin pieces (two eyes, a nose, and a mouth) that you can easily install on your tree. For $28, you can buy a Mr. Mustache Tree Face, Sleepy Tree Face, or Tree Man Face, and they even glow in the dark.
Jerky Gun
With this unique product, add any meat you like and squeeze the handle to dispense thin strips that you then put into a dehydrator to make your own jerky. Ranging between $37 and $57, this quirky item makes a great novelty gift for any jerky-lover.
Coyote Urine
Although this product sounds bizarre, spraying around your garden with urine from predators, like coyotes, is actually effective at repelling deer, raccoons, foxes, rabbits, and other pests. They offer a 5-pound bottle for $49 or coyote urine granules for $19.