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The Affordable IKEA Hack That Seamlessly Divides Any Room
Room dividers are a stylish solution to partitioning off spaces in your home, but they can be expensive. Luckily, there’s a cheap alternative you can do that uses Ikea shelves.
YouTuber Shayna Alnwick of @theflippedpiece unveiled her DIY trick that uses Ikea’s pre-built Ivar shelving sides to make a simple screen framework covered in burlap.
Alnwick began by purchasing three Ivar shelf sides, which cost around $20-$25 each, and staining them with her favorite wood stain.
Afterward, she affixed loose burlap she had ironed to the outer edges with a staple gun and then attached the Ivar sides with simple hinges to form a folding screen.
The YouTuber then augmented the folding screen with similarly stained wooden dowels inserted in the Ivar side’s pre-drilled holes to hang smaller items, like jewelry.