A person mulching the soil with bark mulch.
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The All-Natural Mulch Alternative You May Want To Use In Your Garden
While many gardeners use commercial mulch, it can prove a bit pricey considering the labor and cost of replacing it every year or two. Fortunately, you can use pinecones instead.
In addition to being free, pinecones offer the same benefits as traditional wood mulch, including moisture and heat retention, weed suppression, and soil compaction reduction.
They also have natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can help prevent decay or mold growth and repel pests. Pinecones are also fire-resistant.
If you live in wetter climates, pinecones can allow more air flow to prevent the soil from becoming oversaturated. In dryer areas, grinding the mulch can help with water retention.
When gathering your pinecones, collect only the healthiest-looking cones, being sure to leave any that show signs of potential mold or decay.
Leave them whole for more airflow or grind them for moisture retention. Place your mulch two to three inches thick and replace it at the same frequency as commercial mulch.