Hand holding grass seed over a patchy lawn.
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The Appliance Shortcut That Promises To Overseed Your Lawn Quickly
Overseeding, the process of supplementing existing grass with extra seed to revitalize holes or patches and invigorate stronger lawn growth, can take a lot of effort and patience.
However, one recent TikTok trend suggests making things easier by using a leaf blower to remove debris from your grass rather than painstakingly raking it out one row at a time.
While this leaf blower trick doesn’t directly influence the process of overseeding, it helps blow all those leaves, sticks, and gnomes away, expediting the prepping process.
Mow the existing grass short before leaf blowing away any grass cuttings or debris. Spread the fresh grass seed over the soil and then fertilize and irrigate it immediately.
If the blower is ineffective or the lawn has thatched areas, lightly rake it to loosen up and aerate the soil, and blow the grass again to unearth any remaining debris.